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Outreach Support
Through supporting people in the community we enable them to live at home or with their family
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Complex Care
Through supporting people at home or in supported living services, they can maintain independence
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Supported Living
Through supporting people in their own accommodation, they can maintain independence
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Our Mission, Vision and Values


• We are committed to supporting people and keeping them safe
• We are committed to improve the care and experience of the people we support
• To take action to make this vision and strategy a reality for all and meet the health, care and support challenges ahead.

Joint Working

• Empower, encourage and enable people who need care and support to do things for themselves and to make their own decisions
• Communicate options and offer realistic choices to people who need care and support
• Build two-way relationships of trust with colleagues, the people we support and other stakeholders
• Develop local networks and involve other professionals when needed for additional information and support.

People First

• The people we support receive high quality, empowering and inclusive services
• Family carers have confidence and trust in reliable, experienced and committed staff
• Staff are supported and inspired to be the best that they can be
• Commissioners have faith in effective and efficient services.

Meet Some of Our Amazing Support Team

Meet Chris
"I think the fact that as staff we are heard and considered. When we bring something to management it feels like Clair is listening and takes action. Also that we are given plenty of space to get on with our job"
Meet David
"I have worked for CJP for over 13 years and I am dead proud of the fact that every single person I have supported has gained something new from me, be it confidence, self-belief or just happy memories of the times we have spent together"
Meet Billy
"They say If you love what your doing, you never have to work a day in your life. . . That Is so true working for CJP"
Meet Paul
."I have worked in Health and Social Care for over 14 years, and I have been with CJP for 9 years and my most memorable experience was supporting someone to attend a stag do!"
Meet Sarah
"Care work is not easy and go in with an open mind. Always have other people's best interest at heart. Also it takes a lot of patience but it is incredibly rewarding when you work for the right company".
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Meet Sarah
Person centred care is far more person centred than any other place I've worked.
Meet Dean
"I feel really appreciated by CJP for the work I do and the difference I make in the person I support life. I always say that I can only be the best support worker that I can be when I am fully supported by my seniors, manager and company and they all fully support me"
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