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Meet Chris
I think the fact that as staff we are heard and considered. When we bring something to management it feels like Clair is listening and takes action. Also that we are given plenty of space to get on with our job.
Meet Emma
It's an amazing place to work with kind and friendly people
Meet Sarah
The company is THE most supportive I've ever worked for and they go out of their way to ensure the staff are happy. Always there to pick up the phone with any problems we have and they never just fob you off. I love CJP!( no I haven't been paid to write this🤣)
Meet David
I'm left to my own devises and trusted in caring for the lad I support. Also in the knowledge if I have any problems/queries whatsoever someone is on hand to advise and sort things out.
Meet Dean
"I feel really appreciated by CJP for the work I do and the difference I make in the person I support life. I always say that I can only be the best support worker that I can be when I am fully supported by my seniors, manager and company and they all fully support me"
Meet Julieanne
"I am motivated by making a positive impact to peoples life's and showing them what outstanding care looks like"
Meet Billy
"They say If you love what your doing, you never have to work a day in your life. . . That Is so true working for CJP"
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