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Meet Christian


Meet Christian – Christian has asked us to tell his story and to tell people how happy he is now that he is living in the community with the right support.

Christian has a number of diagnoses and since 1999 Christian has lived within a number of residential and hospital settings.

Due to the number of years within various settings Christian had become very institutionalised and used to living in this type of environment and therefore any move into the community needed to be sensitive to Christians needs and also managed in a way that worked for Christian.

As Christian became ready for discharge, a good life plan was developed and this was based on the following principles

  • Loving and caring relationships  
  • Ability to make my own decisions and have some autonomy 
  • Relative economic security (enough money to obtain my essentials and have things to look forward to) 
  • Opportunity to contribute to society 
  • Earn respect of others and develop own self-esteem 
  • A home of my own (My own personal sanctuary) 
  • Feeling safe and secure 
Christian enjoying a coca cola on one of his first trips into the community following his move
Christian on his first visit to the opticians

What Mattered to Christian?  

 Therefore in dialogue with Christian he identified the following wishes and desires

  • To have somewhere in his words to “settle down” into a calm and sustainable living routine 
  • Access to urban environment with shops, cafes and other community services within his local vicinity  
  • Freedom of movement – to go out whenever he wants both with and without supporters  
  • To have autonomy over his own space – to be able to take pride and care in his own living space 
  • To be supported by a small number of familiar staff who know him very well and are well known to him  
  • Not sharing space with others – where supporters can provide him assistance but ultimately Christian can feel he is living his own way 
Christian was explicit that he wanted to live in Weston Super Mare as he associated this with community access and that it had all the amenities that he wanted
Therefore work commenced on identifying a location that would work for Christian and also looking at building a team that had the right skills and personality to ensure that Christian could be supported in the community to achieve the things he wanted to achieve


Christian successfully moved into his own home in October 2022 with the support of the team from CJP Outreach Services.

And whilst Christian has taken some time to adjust and to get used to been supported in the community, he has thrived and is enjoying getting out and about and meeting people and some of the things he has been doing are

  • Visiting the park
  • Going to the Cafe
  • Playing Pool in the Pub
  • Visiting The Monster in Weston Super Mare
  • Getting his haircut
  • Going to the Opticians
Christian is supported by a small team of people who have been with Christian since the day he moved into the community and they understand Christian, and this is understanding that some days Christian just wants to chill out, or that some days he does not feel himself.


Christian also now has his own car and therefore he is able to travel around the area and see other parts of the South West

Christian wanted us to tell everyone that he is happy and he loves his house and his blue car and that he likes all the people who support him



Christian recently getting another haircut!