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Outreach Support

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What is Outreach Support?

A community based service providing support to individuals in the community and at home. We are an outreach service that offers highly tailored support packages. We encourage the people we support to develop their independent living skills and take part in activities in their community.

Our flexible outreach services can be upwards of two hours a week and helps adults to take part in activities outside their home, build their confidence and become more independent in all aspects of life. For example, we can help people to take part in their favourite sport or attend a college course.


We can also offer additional outreach support to assist with respite for parents, carers and other existing placement provisions.


Our Experience

Why choose CJP Outreach?
  • Over 17 Years experience of Outreach Support
  • Expert support and guidance
  • Bespoke recruitment centred around you
  • We deliver a person-centred approach that delivers support how you want it
  • A dedicated team that see you as the individual
  • Training driven by your needs and requirements
  • A health and social care team with over 50 years experience in delivering quality care and support 
There are a wide range of conditions we support
  • Developing and maintaining life skills, such as food shopping, cooking and household chores
  • Help with finances and budgeting, and to maintain a tenancy
  • Healthy lifestyles such as food and nutrition planning, sporting activities
  • Voluntary or work placements
  • Social life and leisure activities such as attending clubs, organising trips and holidays
  • College activities and college work
  • Personal care.

Our Approach

Our Support Plans
An outreach care support plan will include all of the details relating to an individual’s support needs, including any needs and requirements they may have, and the support required. Written in first person, a support plan is centred around the individual and their wishes, and will include important information such as their next of kin and other medical professionals involved in their care and support.
Support plans also give detailed information and instructions to support workers, ensuring that they deliver support exactly as agreed with the customer during their initial assessment. Support plans can be altered at any time by the customer’s care manager and are always reviewed every six months.
Arranging Outreach Support

If you would like to arrange outreach support for yourself or a loved one, you can call us or send us an enquiry through our website or via email 

We operate on a “no obligation” basis, we are always happy to chat through options and look at ways we may be able to help