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Leisure Activities


Having a learning disability doesn’t always need to be a barrier to doing the things you want to do. People we support are involved in all kinds of sports and hobbies: from DJ-ing and dance, to crafts and cooking.

Whether it’s learning a new skill,  or enjoying a few nights away on holiday, we do our utmost to enable the people we support to spend their time the way they choose to.

We have a number of examples of supporting individuals to arrange a holiday, and to be supported on holiday if they wish.

From Japan to Tenerife, the people we support have enjoyed some amazing holidays, all chosen by them.

We have numerous examples of supporting people to achieve what they want to achieve, this has included going on extreme fairground rides, through to attending local football and rugby matches.

We have also developed relationships with local clubs and centres so that we can make the most of activities on offer in the community, which includes attending local gyms and supporting people to stay active

Whatever the desire, we do everything possible to ensure that the people we support have the opportunity to do the things that help them achieve the life they want, in the most effective way possible.

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