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Everyday Life


People with a learning disability may find everyday activities difficult. But like all of us, with the right support they can frequently achieve more than they ever expected.

Whilst we provide support for activities and days out, and work placements, we understand that there are everyday tasks that people need support with, and everyday life can include leisure and additional activities, or everyday life may just be supporting to to the simple things that sometimes we all take for granted

Different people have different requirements and preferences, but we always tailor our support so that each person can live the best life possible.

Taking a person centred and holistic approach is crucial when we support an individual, and this includes everyday life and associated tasks

Some of the areas where we support people to live more independently include:

  • Getting around, whether it’s understanding a timetable or knowing where to get off the bus, and supporting an individual to be able to access places by using local transport networks
  • Household tasks, such as vacuuming or washing up, but also encouraging people to be as independent as possible
  • Eating well, from making healthy choices to cooking safely, we can all struggle with this, but supporting to make subtle changes can make a significant change to an individuals life
  • Personal care, like washing, brushing teeth or deciding what to wear, again with encouragement and supporting as much independence as possible
  • Healthcare, whether it’s taking medicine or getting to the doctor, health and wellbeing is important for us all and can be all the more important for someone with a learning disability
  • Social activities, making friends and engaging with the community, this has been a particular challenge through COVID and as we am to get back to normal, re-engaging and rebuilding friendships is crucial to avoid isolation in what has been a challenging time for everyone
  • Finances, like paying bills or accessing the right benefits
  • Work, whether it’s through finding supported employment or volunteering in the community, creating a purpose and an aim can be crucial to avoid additional health problems, we provide assistance to support people to gain employment and be a part of the community
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